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Being a Good Mentee | Ask GTGAJ Ep. 4

The fourth episode of Ask Get This Girl a Job is here! Katie and Rosana answer your questions about using your minor in the job search, how to be a good mentee, and what to do if you haven’t heard back from a job you applied for.

Get This Girl a Job is a podcast that tries to demystify the job search by sharing the stories of recent college graduates as they made their way into the workforce for the first time! Ask GTGAJ is a special episode, that Katie and I co-host, where we try to answer your questions about your own job search. You can read more about GTGAJ here!

This week talked about being a good mentee and thanked you for all your support for this season!

We also answered a question from Jenna at the University of Chicago:

What should you do when you haven’t heard back from an internship/job by the date they said they would get back to you?

And a question from Kaitlyn at Tulane University:

How important are minors in your job search?

Career counselor Alida Miranda-Wolff shared her two minute tip answering:

How would you recommend establishing a good mentor-mentee relationship?

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Katie and I want to thank everyone who has put so much time and effort into supporting us this season, especially Parker Mee, our editor, Stephanie Dorris, who designed our logo, and all our guests for sharing their stories and advice.


How To Make Your Study Abroad Romance Last

The sun is shining, summer is almost here, and with it, comes the question that thousands of college couples will face: should we stay together over the summer? In this week’s installment of Ro&Co, Arushi is back, and sharing her tips for handling a long-distance relationship.

featured _ LDR.png

Hi! I’m so happy to write for Rosana’s blog again. Dating in college is a popular topic of discussion. Should you break up with your high school partner? Should you jump into a long-term relationship one week into college, or ~discover yourself~ and keep things casual?

I can’t answer those questions for you, but if at any point in your college life, you have faced the break up versus do long-distance dilemma, then I can help you get some clarity. I met my boyfriend when I was in Italy for study abroad, and although I’m back in Chicago now, we have been happily together ever since.

LDR Europe.png

The short answer is that there is no magic formula. There are many articles online that attempt to answer this question, but I didn’t find anything that I didn’t already know. Yes, you need to communicate well, have a long-term (or semi long-term) idea of where the relationship is headed, and know when you will see each other again. That’s the easy stuff. How about handling the stressful, emotional, hormonal, intoxicated mess that is college?

Every couple has different expectations and a different story, so I won’t tell you what you should do. Instead, here are 5 golden don’ts Google searches never told me:

Don’t be petty

I would highlight this point and have fifty neon arrows pointing toward it because that’s how important this is. Sometimes college can push you to the brink of absolute frustration, or you might be surrounded by people with their on-campus partners. It is also possible you’re occasionally jealous about people your partner interacts with in their social or professional surroundings.

While I can’t give you one specific solution on how to deal with all of that, I can tell you one thing: don’t be petty. If the good ol’ be-petty-to-get-attention monster creeps up on me, I usually check myself with this question: If he did the same thing, would it bother me? Doing or saying something just to get back at your partner never helps, and it is even harder to resolve when you cannot physically be with each other. Some people I have talked to told me they found themselves harmlessly flirting with people whenever they fought with their partner. As a general rule of thumb, if you fought with your partner this morning, intentionally leading on that flirty barista later on in the day is not going to help your relationship.

Don’t be stupid

You would think this is an intuitive one, but it’s really not. When I say don’t be stupid, I mean it in two ways. The first is more obvious: don’t put yourself in a situation that could end badly. Take your common sense–and if necessary, a friend you trust–to your ex’s party, for example.

The second way is not so obvious, but equally important. Don’t be stupid and forget about the other parts of your life that are important as well. College has so much to offer professionally, intellectually, and socially. Although long distance relationships require effort, it’s important to hold onto the other aspects of your life. You can Facetime the partner after your midterm tomorrow, and you can make time for lunch with your friends if you really try to. I usually maintain this balance by allotting time slots to things. For example, I could set an hour aside today to Facetime him, three hours for homework, and another hour to get food with a friend.

LDR Chicago.png

Don’t do it because “Why not?”

Temptation is everywhere, but college is notorious for bringing out the demon. If your reason for doing long-distance is “why not?” or because you want to try and see how it will go, then it’s probably not a good call. If you don’t think that the person you’re with is your perfect match, and the only one for you, then that uncertainty will haunt you on bad days. This could lead to either resentment with an eventual breakup, or to one of you cheating with an eventual breakup. In my case, my boyfriend and I did not question the decision to do long distance for even a second when it was finally time for me to leave Italy. In fact, that certainty is what makes our bond stronger with each passing day.

Don’t forget it’s 2018

I’m not just talking about how lucky we are to have Skype, Facetime, instant messaging, and faster transportation. Indeed, in 2018, we don’t have to wait for our trusted owl to fly back with our lover’s winding letter written on the finest piece of parchment in all the land.

We also don’t have to forget to appreciate our partner once in a while. Sometimes, when my boyfriend is stressed about an exam, I order his favorite food on an Italian food delivery app and it reaches him while I’m sitting in another continent. On important days (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), or when we just feel like it, we use Amazon or other websites to send small (or big) gifts, flowers, or anything else to show that we’re on each other’s minds even from so far away. Of course, this costs money, so we also remember to appreciate in non-monetary ways that aren’t exclusive to just 2018–like literally telling each other!

LDR Italy.png

Don’t give up at the slightest inconvenience

The internet will tell you not to give up on your relationship when you are deciding between starting long distance and breaking up. I’m telling you not to give up on your relationship at the slightest inconvenience when you have already made the decision to do long distance, i.e. don’t give up on the relationship just because it gets rough sometimes! Even the worst fight in the world can be overcome if you just communicate and remember how much you care about each other. Note: This does not apply if you’re being mistreated or abused.

Whatever you decide to do with your love life, remember that at the end of the day, your happiness matters the most. If you think being with your partner regardless of the distance is what will make you the happiest, then you know what to do! Much love.

25th Hour

Staying Healthy While Abroad

This week’s installment of Ro&Co features my very special guest, Martina, who recently started her own blog, DTM! Martina shares her tips for staying healthy while she’s off galavanting around Europe for her study abroad!


Hello everyone! I’m Martina, one of three members of DTM Blog (short for Doing the Most). I’m currently studying abroad in Paris, and I’m having a great time; I’ve had at least 100 pains au chocolat, a ton of picnics with wine and cheese, and have been hanging out with friends 24/7. It’s been so relaxing and so much fun, but it’s been tough to stay healthy. So, with my *seasoned* experienced, I thought I’d offer some things I’ve been doing to keep myself on track, both physically and mentally, during my study abroad experience.


#1 Move Your Body

Honestly, this has been insanely easy to do. While I’m not huge on exercising while I’m at school (I get lazy) I’ve been checking my steps every day and am constantly amazed at myself. Paris is a hilly city and has the most stairs I’ve ever climbed in my life, and I haven’t gone a single day without getting a good walk in. You can make it a social event, and sightsee with others, or go solo! There are perks to both, and your body will thank you if you’re wearing comfy shoes.

#2 Don’t Isolate Yourself

Reach out to people, hang out, and do your best to surround yourself with positivity if you’re feeling low or lonely. Absolutely don’t hesitate to reach out. You might not be around people you’re very close to, but chances are they’re just as excited to make the best of this experience as you are and would be glad to help you, hang out, or keep you company.


#3 Give Yourself Down Time

While you shouldn’t isolate yourself, however, it is good to find a balance. If you’ve been running around doing amazing things for several days and need a personal break, there’s nothing wrong with calling it a night and watching some tv. You won’t miss anything! And if you’re studying abroad for a while, chances are you’ll have several chances to make up for the experience (I’ve been to the Louvre three times).


#4 Sleep!

Once you’ve been in Europe (or anywhere with a time difference) for more than a week or two, I can promise you you’re no longer jet lagged. If you find yourself nodding off in class, getting really sleepy while looking at a painting at Centre Pompidou, or seeking more than 3 cafés noisette in the span of a few hours, you’re definitely just tired. Being abroad can be really exciting, but it’s so so necessary to get adequate sleep! You’ll feel so much more refreshed and ready to go if you get a good amount every night.

#5 Eat All the Food Groups

France is LITERALLY composed of bread, cheese, Nutella, and wine. These are delicious, but sooner rather than later your body will ask you for some veggies, fresh fruit, proteins, and water. Listen to it! If it’s too expensive and/or difficult to get these from restaurants, make a trip to an outdoor market or a grocery store. Try to bring healthy snacks with you places, and make sure you don’t get dehydrated.

#6 Have fun!

Do your best to breathe, chill, and make the most out of your experience! I’ve been so relaxed that I’ve missed at least 2 deadlines (don’t do that). But seriously, remember you’re likely having a once-in-a-lifetime experience and hopefully surrounded by wonderful people.

Staying healthy on this trip has been a challenge so far, but I refuse to give up! It’s the only way to stay thriving on this European adventure 🙂


If you’d like to learn more about me, catch my art-related posts on DTM, and follow us on Instagram @dtmblog.

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How Much Does Your GPA Matter for Job Applications | Ask GTGAJ

The sixth episode of Get This Girl a Job is here! Katie and Rosana answer your questions about networking, references, and how to approach finding your first job.

Get This Girl a Job is a podcast that tries to demystify the job search by sharing the stories of recent college graduates as they made their way into the workforce for the first time! Ask GTGAJ is a special episode, that Katie and I co-host, where we try to answer your questions about your own job search. You can read more about GTGAJ here!

This week we answered:

How important in the presentation/layout of your resume vs. content?

from Emily at the University of Iowa

What do I do if I have big dreams, but my GPA just isn’t where I want it?

from Arushi at the University of Chicago


Alida’s two-minute tip this week answers:

How do you use your extracurriculars in the job search process?


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Special thanks to Emily and Arushi for their questions, to Alida Miranda-Wolff, for her two-minute tip, to Stephanie Dorris, who designed our logo, and to Parker Mee, who edited the episode.


4 Coffee Shops for Studying in Chicago | Ro&Co

Finals week studying have you down? In this week’s installment of Ro&Co, Marianne Dolan shares her top 4 coffee shops to study in around Chicago! Make the most of your reading period and explore the city while you work!

pinterest coffee shops

Perhaps you’re not a fan of brutalist architecture. Or maybe it’s just demoralizing that you get more social interaction on the first floor of the library during finals week than you’ve had the entire rest of the quarter. Be antisocial yet adventurous with these gems of coffee shops.


Peach & Green – South Loop

Peach & Green is like the Zendaya of coffee shops. Just as I genuinely wonder if there’s anything Zendaya can’t do (she can literally sing, dance, act, trapeze, and woo Zac Efron), I wonder what this South Loop oasis can’t do for me.

Wanting to feel ~trendy~ and healthy? You can take a ginger turmeric shot. Wishing the weather was more like California and wanting to overcompensate with cold pressed juice? Also in luck. Perhaps you, like me, are so basic beyond denial that you embrace it by regularly indulging in matcha drinks and avocado toast. Again, this place has essentially everything, including matcha lattes and smoothies and three different varieties of avocado toast.

If you just want an honest cup of coffee, good wifi connectivity, and comfy chairs, this café has you covered. They even have great selfie lighting so everyone else can know how productive you are. Peach & Green is the perfect setting to spend the whole day entrenched in work while being peak millennial.

Sawada Coffee

I consider Sawada Coffee not a café but rather a life ideology. Where else can you make a visit post-Soho House brunch (which is right across the street), get coffee, booze, or boozy coffee while eating barbecue brisket under twinkle lights? It encapsulates the work hard play hard mentality that you definitely won’t have this finals season. Still, it’s nice to know that others do have social lives and perhaps one day this could be you.

Art on the go. #sawadastyle #sawadacoffee

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I know this was a place I would return to the moment I saw multiple different varieties of Chai lattes and tasted their pour over coffee. My one warning is that outlets are rare here as people not adorned in hipster glasses. They exist; they’re just hard to find. I recommend this for the prepared planner who makes clutch West Loop brunch reservations on Open Table and actually remembers to charge their electronics.

Volumes book café

Nothing more makes me feel like I’m in the midst of a Hugh Grant rom com (specifically Notting Hill) than stepping into this cute book store/cafe hybrid. Rather than the warm smile of a movie star, you instead may encounter the stares of confused hipsters who think you’re too mainstream to be at an artsy cafe in Wicker Park.

#heygirl #mycanadianboyfriend #loveknowsnobounds

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Still, the moment you taste their coffee or browse their vast selection of tea you will start to feel butterflies as you realize that you can indeed buy happiness. It costs approximately $4 and is otherwise referred to as the best matcha latte I’ve found in Chicago. Bonus points given for the fact that you can spend your study break browsing books you don’t actually have time to read.

Eataly (yes, it’s more than a restaurant)

Hear me out on this. Imagine a morning where you are greeted with the aroma of Nutella and faced with the challenge of whether you get an affogato or the healthier (and still flawless) Italian espresso. Sitting at one of their comfy booths, your greatest dilemma of the day is whether to venture across the street to Shake Shack or ride the escalator and get pizza when hungry.

A different alternative is the strange musk of the A-Level and Domino’s. We’ve all been there, but very few have considered the full potential of Eataly. You can change that this finals week.

Huge thanks to Marianne for sharing her favorite coffee shops! You can follow along with her adventures around Chicago on Instagram @mariannedolan!

Did you try a new workout? Do you have an awesome study hack? You too could be featured on Ro&Co! Shoot me an email or DM me!

How do you prepare for finals? Do you take time to destress? Do you rigorously plan out your schedule?

Let me know on twitter @xoxorosana_blog or tag me in your study plans on Instagram!