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End of Year Review 2016-2017

What a year! In a whirlwind, I'm ~officially~ halfway done with college and I made it out (mostly) alive. Remember those goals I had for the year? Well, here is how they went and a sneak preview of what the summer could have in store for me! This year was a rollercoaster of emotion. Life… Continue reading End of Year Review 2016-2017

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Healthy Self Criticism

This year, I've spent a bunch of time and effort trying different ways to maximize my awesomeness: everything from starting to time track to running a half marathon. These projects came out of the initial set of goals I created for this school year. With only 5 weeks until the end of this school year (the… Continue reading Healthy Self Criticism


I Ran A Half-Marathon! How Race Training Changed My Life

After months of hard work, I did it! I made running a half marathon my goal, stuck to my exercise plan, learned how to eat healthy, and finally made it to the race day. This was my experience figuring out how to make this goal a reality and how it felt to finally run 13.1 miles. Deciding… Continue reading I Ran A Half-Marathon! How Race Training Changed My Life

25th Hour

Bullet Journal Set Up: Spring Quarter

After moving into my Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook last quarter, I experimented with a bunch of different spreads to track my academic progress through the quarter. Now, a few weeks into the spring, I think I've finally found a way to make my Bullet Journal work for the quarter system. Why the Bullet Journal Bullet Journaling is… Continue reading Bullet Journal Set Up: Spring Quarter

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Do I Have Time for This: A Guide to When You Can Say Yes

Moving into Spring Quarter, I’m taking on a couple of new projects to an already busy schedule. I love filling my time around my schoolwork with my projects, so anytime I have the opportunity to take on something new, my gut reaction is to say yes. Too many yeses later, and I’m stressed and overwhelmed,… Continue reading Do I Have Time for This: A Guide to When You Can Say Yes

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Using My Bullet Journal to Tackle Final Exams

My college is on the quarter system, which means we get three sets of finals! To ease the incredible stress of this period, I create a home-stretch schedule to help me do all the studying I need to, as well as everything else that keeps me sane. This is how I use my bullet journal… Continue reading Using My Bullet Journal to Tackle Final Exams


Meal Planning for the College Student

When I moved out of the dorms, I also moved away from the dining halls. Once a place of great anxiety for me, the dining halls and my unlimited meal plan have now become a fond memory of when I could walk in, grab a sugar cookie and a slice of pizza, and leave. In… Continue reading Meal Planning for the College Student

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Rosana Reviews: Positive Podcasts

On my quest to be healthy, I've found myself exercising (mostly running) for too many hours without a good playlist. Streaming playlists hasn't been working to fill the gap in my workouts, and the music on my phone isn't cutting it. So instead I've stumbled into the world of podcasts! The first season of Serial… Continue reading Rosana Reviews: Positive Podcasts


Making an Exercise Plan for the Ex-Athlete

I dreaded the running part of my cross-country practices. After a long day at school, the last thing I wanted to do was stick around until 5pm to run. And if it weren’t for my amazing teammates, I never would have stuck with it. Now, I miss everything about those practices. The part of sports… Continue reading Making an Exercise Plan for the Ex-Athlete

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School Year Resolutions

Happy 2017! It’s been years since I’ve made New Years Resolutions, but when I started the 2016-2017 school year I decided it was time to make some goals for the year. Now that the first quarter of school is done, here is how I made them, how (badly) they held up, and the changes I’m making for the next quarter to accomplish them by the end of the school year.