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Why I Stopped Bullet Journaling

After more than a year of bullet journal obsession, for 2018 I decided it was time to put down my Leuchtturm and stop bullet journalling. Here is why I stopped, and how I’m keeping myself organized instead. Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if… Continue reading Why I Stopped Bullet Journaling


For the Working Woman | Festive Favorites

I am home and finals are over. Victorious as I emerged from the ashes, I have been fully embracing the 25th Hour Lifestyle. It had me thinking about the gifts for the most ambitious women in my life so here is your guide for the Working Woman. You know the Working Woman. She’s always on… Continue reading For the Working Woman | Festive Favorites

25th Hour

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Productivity?

Last week, I had midterms in all of my classes. More than a week of sleeping about four and a half hours a night left me feeling a little disenchanted with my work and the life of the grind. Now that I’m getting my grades back, they aren’t substantially better than the ones I’ve gotten… Continue reading Is Perfectionism Killing Your Productivity?


I Tried Only Cooking Pinterest Meals

In this week’s installation of will Rosana ever be able to feed herself, I try to make only meals I found on Pinterest. I may never be a Pinterest mom (shocking, I know), but did I at least learn a new recipe? Maybe. This was not my first attempt at meal planning. I have a… Continue reading I Tried Only Cooking Pinterest Meals

25th Hour

“Reading” for Class: How to Get Through those 300 Pages/Week in 2 Hours

In the wake of formal recruitment, it has been a week of very little time and so much work. Of course, this was the ideal week for my professors to decided to add an extra 300 pages of required reading to prepare for class. Over the last couple years of weeks like this, I’ve picked… Continue reading “Reading” for Class: How to Get Through those 300 Pages/Week in 2 Hours

25th Hour

What’s in My Bag: Back to School Edition

T-minus 5 days to school starting and its starting to get real. Although I've been back on campus all week, I'm taking this weekend to get settled into my routine. Since I live so far away from campus, I have to fit an entire day worth of supplies into my bag every day so here… Continue reading What’s in My Bag: Back to School Edition

25th Hour

Working Woman: What 9 Women Wear to Work

I've been having a little trouble adapting my near uniform of athleisure to the working world so I asked a bunch of my friends to tell me about how they dress for their summer jobs (in a variety of fields). Then I went through my own closet to force myself to wear real adult clothing.… Continue reading Working Woman: What 9 Women Wear to Work

25th Hour

End of Year Review 2016-2017

What a year! In a whirlwind, I'm ~officially~ halfway done with college and I made it out (mostly) alive. Remember those goals I had for the year? Well, here is how they went and a sneak preview of what the summer could have in store for me! This year was a rollercoaster of emotion. Life… Continue reading End of Year Review 2016-2017

25th Hour, Life

Healthy Self Criticism

This year, I've spent a bunch of time and effort trying different ways to maximize my awesomeness: everything from starting to time track to running a half marathon. These projects came out of the initial set of goals I created for this school year. With only 5 weeks until the end of this school year (the… Continue reading Healthy Self Criticism

25th Hour

Bullet Journal Set Up: Spring Quarter

After moving into my Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook last quarter, I experimented with a bunch of different spreads to track my academic progress through the quarter. Now, a few weeks into the spring, I think I've finally found a way to make my Bullet Journal work for the quarter system. Why the Bullet Journal Bullet Journaling is… Continue reading Bullet Journal Set Up: Spring Quarter